The main purpose of a gutter is to divert water off the roof and away from the property. Therefore, gutters are a crucial part of any property because they keep the home or building safe from various types of water damages inside and out.

Here are a few compelling reasons why your home or business should have a properly functioning gutters in Duluth MN.


All types of roofs are prone to water damage when rainwater pools on the roof for some time. This is because the pooling water can seep under the shingles and cause them to crack.

Existing cracks will be an easy entry point for rainwater into the roof’s interior and lead to leaks inside the building or home.

Water pooling is more common on flat roofs, but with a well-functioning gutter, rainwater will have a place to drain, preventing leak issues and costly repairs.


Not all properties are in danger of water pooling on top of the roof. It will depend on the roof angle. However, even if your roof is at an angle where rainwater can easily run down without pooling on the roof, a gutterless property is still exposed to other types of damages.

When water runs off of the roof without the help of a gutter, the water will seep heavily down the siding of the home or building.

Siding that is continuously exposed to a great amount of water will deteriorate over time. Therefore, by installing a gutter, you are preserving the integrity and beauty of your siding.


Another problem with water running directly down the exterior walls of your home is that the water will gather around your property.

If enough water gathers and pools on the ground next to your home or building for a while, it may end up in the basement. This can lead to basement flooding, resulting in severe damages and costly repairs.

The only way to avoid this problem is to install a gutter that will drain the water away from your basement and the surrounding landscape.


With water gathering on the ground around the home or building, another area that is at risk of water damage is the foundation of the property.

A foundation that soaks up too much water at a time will start to crack, expand, and can even move. The results of a wet foundation can be hazardous as it puts the entire home or buildings’ structural stability at risk of giving in.

Not only is a gutter important for properties, but it is also essential to have a gutter system that will divert the water away from your home to protect your foundation.


Properties that do not have proper gutters installed on their roof can suffer many damages that will lead to expensive repairs. Gutters are not a complicated and costly investment to make, and having one will spare you of many problems down the line.

Whether you are purchasing a new home or constructing one, a gutter system is a crucial part of the property that will need to be installed if it is absent, or repaired if it is not working correctly.

The type of gutters you choose will depend on your needs and the requirements of your property, so make sure to contact a professional gutter installation company for better insight.

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