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When you require professional and efficient commercial roofing services in Duluth MN, Rhino Roofing is your go-to local commercial roofing company

We understand the complexity and the extensiveness of commercial roofs, as well as their importance for the structural stability of the entire building.  That is why with us, you will always get full and highest-quality service, no matter the type of commercial roofing work you need.

We aim to exceed your expectations and provide you with long-lasting protection, unmatched durability, and the greatest curb appeal.    


Top Commercial Roofing Contractors Duluth MN

Dealing with commercial flat roofs requires great and perfected skills, as well as a lot of experience because these systems are much more extensive and complex to deal with. But with Rhino Roofing, you don’t have to worry because we’ve got you covered at all times.

Our team of flat roofing contractors in Duluth MN is highly trained, and with more than 25 years of commercial roofing experience, they have seen it all. They are also continually educated in the most innovative and efficient commercial roof repair and installation methods. That is why when you hire our Duluth commercial roofing contractors, you know you have hired the best of the best.

Apart from that, we are a local commercial roofer and our main priority is keeping you, our locals, our neighbors and friends, fully protected and completely satisfied. We will make sure no issue goes unnoticed and that your new roof meets all your expectations, or even exceeds them, both in terms of quality and aesthetics. We are here to lead you every step of the way and to answer any questions you may have.

Our work is never done until you are fully satisfied with your Duluth commercial roofing system.  We are at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with us anytime!

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Commercial Roof Replacement

When your Duluth commercial roofing system has reached the end of its lifespan or experiences severe storm damage and starts to break down very often, it is probably time for a commercial roof replacement. 

So instead of letting the damages spread and endanger your entire building’s structure and its interior, accumulating great expenses along the way, call us as soon as possible! We will conduct a thorough roof inspection, replace your old and damaged roof, and save you from serious and costly issues

We work with industry-leading manufacturers and brands to provide you with premium-quality commercial roofing materials for your new roof. You will receive the best possible protection for your building, the highest weather-resistance, and long-lasting durability. Your new commercial roof will be leak-proof and beautiful.


Commercial Roof Installation

If you have a new building in plans for the future or your new construction property is already built, the most important thing to do now is to get the best possible roof.

The roof is one of the most important parts of your building as it keeps it healthy and structurally sound, as well as protected from the elements. If your commercial roof breaks, you are usually faced with a lot of issues and expenses. That is why you should make sure your building has a premier-quality roofing system right from the start.

At Rhino Roofing, you will get nothing short of the best. Our Duluth commercial roof installation is carried out at the highest industry standards, using the latest and most precise installation techniques. We offer an array of different roof designs, colors, and materials so that each property owner can find their perfect match. 

From low-pitch roofing applications to steep-pitch commercial roofing, we do it all and provide you with a 10-year labor warranty to back up our work. 


Commercial Roof Repair

At Rhino Roofing, we are very thorough and detail-oriented when it comes to commercial roofing repair in Duluth MN, because we know that the smallest issues can lead to severe damages.

We rely on our substantial experience, as well as advanced tools and repair methods to quickly and efficiently take care of any commercial roofing issue that you have. Your best Duluth commercial roof repair company leaves nothing to chance and we conduct detailed roof inspections before any commercial roof repair project. This way, we can pinpoint all the vulnerable areas and all the smallest issues, so that we can take care of them on time.

We will get your commercial roof back into top shape, leave your commercial property well protected, and give you great peace of mind.


We are at your disposal for any commercial roofing services that you need in Duluth MN, so call us and schedule your free consultation today!

  • Julie A. Hobgood

    Rhino team have helped us solve a complex series of problems with the ageing church roof. The success resulted from correct assessment of what we needed, and the economy from avoidance of what we did not need. The work went exactly to the plan, and we had minimum disruption throughout. Some other quotes were heaps cheaper, with no chance of fixing our roof, and other, dearer options would have worked, but sent us broke - with no better fix. Follow - up service has been prompt and effective. Over-all, an answer to our prayers.

  • Cheryl Deleon

    I've used Rhino Roofing on a variety of roofing projects big and small for about 20 years. Most of these have been on period homes, some with difficult features like box gutters, that if not done well, can result in a flood inside the home. Their work has been consistently excellent, and done by reliable tradespeople who turn up when they say they will, do the job efficiently and clean up properly before they go. Recently, we had problems with solar roof ventilators someone installed, which we think were due to faulty manufacturing or parts in the units. They came on at very low temperatures and were unpleasantly noisy. fixed the problem, despite the manufacturer providing little product back up. You find out the true customer values a company has when things don't go smoothly. I highly recommend this company.

  • Charles Rodriquez

    I chose Rhino (based on good customer reviews) to fix my business roof, and I'm very happy with their professionalism and excellent workmanship. Their quote and report / photos of the finished job were thorough and team in the office was really helpful. The high quality job and attention to detail by owner gives me massive peace of mind too!

  • Maryann G. Ross

    Top job provided by Rhino Roofing. They showed up on time, unlike the other 3 contractors that I had called to do my new metal roof and cladding. They explained everything to me and told me how they would handle each stage of my job which gave me a good sense of trust and confidence. Recommended A++

  • Pauline J. Draper

    Terrific service. Highly recommend.

  • Joe Gaddy

    What a great service that they provided. Very efficient and did a great job with all my properties. Rhino and his team gave detailed reports and got the jobs completed in a timely manner. I highly recommend Rhino Roofing.

  • Debra Agarwal

    Rhino Roofing did a great job with our new metal roof. He was very friendly, helpful and reliable. He was reasonably priced and the finished product looks awesome.

  • William Gomez

    Reasonably priced, quality product and friendly people. Rhino Roofing did a great job on three properties for us in 2019. Quoted quickly and no nasty surprised during the job. Would use them again.

  • Terri Kirkpatrick

    Rhino Roofing did a great job. They answered my queries through the quotation process, arrived on time to start the job and completed the job in the timeframe promised. Rhino and the team treated the house with care and cleaned up any waste too. Pricing was competitive and the finished roof and guttering looks great!

  • Kate Ramos

    Guys from Rhino Roofing  changed our tiled roof to a new Colorbond roof, the whole process was smooth and thorough, he did a magnificent job and the house now looks amazing and noticeably warmer than before. He is proud, professional, pleasant to deal with and came with a comptetive quote. If you want to install a new metal roofing, you can't find a better tradesman than John and his team, special thank you to owner as well, great job guys. and the site is left tidy and clean. Highly recommended

  • Christopher Taylor

    Team from Rhino Roofing were fabulous. I have re-roofed 2 previous houses and I was simply hoping for a company who could do the job for good price and who would not do a bad job. Rhino Roofing have exceeded my expectations at every stage from quotation to completion. They have been punctual, polite, and considerate of us, our house, our yard and our neighbours throughout. To top it all off the quality of their work and the attention to detail has been faultless. Great job guys! Thank you


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