At Rhino Roofing, roofing is our passion and transforming your home roofing systems is our mission. We will not only give you a good roof that will provide adequate protection – we will provide you with a deluxe, high-quality residential roofing system that will increase the value and curb appeal of your home, making your place of living safer and more comfortable.

With your best residential roofing company in Duluth MN by your side, you will always get a better home and a better quality of living.


Our residential roofing contractors in Duluth MN will go above and beyond to make sure all of your residential roofing needs are satisfied and that your expectations are met or even exceeded.

We provide an array of top-quality residential roofing services in Duluth MN, from roof inspection and roof repair to roof replacement and new construction projects. And no matter which service you require for your home, you can be sure that it will be done with great dedication and utmost attention to detail.

Nothing can escape the expert eye of our Duluth residential roofers or take them by surprise. They have decades of roofing experience under their belt and in their hands, which means that they have seen it all.

All residential roofing projects are different and requirements differ from homeowner to homeowner. But, what all of our past and present residential roofing Duluth projects have in common is that, to a homeowner, their home roofing system is the most important.

That is why we treat all your roofs as if they were our own and we give each roof the same amount of care and attention. We do residential roofing at the highest standards of quality, using the latest technology and the most durable, industry-leading roofing materials.

It is through that and through our continuous training that we can offer you the best of the best – and all of it at highly competitive pricing.

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With the best quality roofing materials and the most innovative techniques, we will replace your old and dated roof and transform your home with a beautiful, durable new roof.

Our home roof replacement contractors will conduct a detailed inspection before any residential roofing replacement in Duluth MN to determine the state of your roof and see if there are any additional underlying issues. We always make sure to do a thorough job and never to leave any unresolved or underlying issues.

Rhino Roofing provides you only with the best service and unmatched quality of residential roofs, giving you a long-lasting, water-proof, solid roofing system. Your safety and satisfaction are our #1 priority which is why no project is ever done until we have your full approval.

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If you have a newly built house and you need a premier-quality roof to match your new dream home, look no further than Rhino residential roof installation specialists. We provide the best and highest-quality roof installation services in Duluth MN for new construction.

We offer a wide array of beautiful roofing designs, thus allowing you to choose a roof that will fit your needs, requirements, and home style the best. We also offer only the best and most durable roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, residential metal roofing, slate, and rubber.

All our residential roof installations in Duluth MN are done at very competitive and affordable prices, to your utmost satisfaction. We use the latest installation techniques and we will give you a roof that will provide you long-lasting, durable protection, and the highest curb appeal in the area.



Timely roofing repairs on your home roofing system are crucial for the health of your residential roof and the structural stability of the entire property. Issues that are left unnoticed for too long, such as roof leaks, can lead to more serious damages.

Our residential roof repair contractors in Duluth MN are always at your disposal to address any concerns that you might have and to conduct quality home roof repairs. They will provide you with a detailed residential roof inspection with the goal of detecting all vulnerable and damaged areas of your roof and then proceed to mitigate them.

Some roof damages are even hard to detect by homeowners themselves and they require an expert and experienced eye. Our residential roofers know what to look for and how to fix it, and you can rest assured that they will get your roof back into top condition in no time.

We are at your disposal for any residential roofing services that you need in Duluth MN, so call us and schedule your free consultation today!

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