The city of Duluth is a port city that can be found along the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. With a population of 86,000, Duluth offers residents and visitors a dense suburban feel where one can find many one-of-kind attractions and activities.

If you plan a getaway with your family to the city of Duluth, you can expect to discover delicious food, unique arts and culture, and plenty of outdoor activities for the whole family.


Whether it is summer or winter in Duluth, there is always something to do indoors or outdoors.

Outdoor activities include hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking in nature. The Superior Hiking Trail is excellent for a family hike while Duluth has plenty of waterways where one can go kayaking or take a guided tour. During winter, Spirit Mountain is famous for downhill skiing, cross skiing, and snowshoeing.

You can also visit the Great Lakes Aquarium, which is situated on the shore of Lake Superior. Here you and your family can view plenty of animals, from river otters to reptiles and sharks. Learn more about the Minnesota ecosystem at this aquarium through their educational programs or take part in the daily feedings.

Take your family for a float on the Lazy River at the Edgewater Hotel and Waterpark. This park has an island theme with some fun waterslides that will get your adrenaline pumping.

If this is not enough thrill for you, then you should head over to Spirit Mountain, where they have the Timer Twister and Timber Flyer. One can ride the 200-foot alpine coaster at a speed of 24 mph, which is the Timber Twister, or go down the Timber Flyer zipline, which is 700 feet long.

If you are looking for something more quiet and educational, then Duluth has various museums with lots of exciting exhibitions. However, one that the children will most likely enjoy is the Duluth Children’s Museum. Here your kids can take part in science experiments and even dig for dinosaur bones.

On a rainy day, one can still stay active in Duluth as the Adventure Zone in Canal Park will keep you on the move with fun activities. From laser tag, rock climbing, and batting cages to mini-golf, this indoor adventure center has all the family fun you can think of.

Pizza nights are always fun, but what if you can combine pizza with music and a train ride? Now that sounds more exciting!

The North Shore Scenic Railroad offers a variety of excursions, including the pizza nights mentioned above, taking you on a trip to Lester River and Two Harbors. Some themed train tours can be scheduled individually, for example, Thomas the Train or Princess Teatime.


Many restaurants in Duluth source their ingredients locally, which makes them very popular among the culinary community.

When in Duluth, the Wild Rice Burger is something one has to try as it is a local specialty. Many of the restaurants will have this burger on their menu, like the Brewhouse, Black Woods Bar and Grill, Fitgers, etc.

Since Duluth is situated right on the water, it would be a shame to visit and not try some dishes that will give you a taste of the big lake. Various fish dishes, including smoked fish spread and fish sandwiches, can be found in restaurants like the Northern Water Smokehouse.

Another thing Duluth is famous for is its craft beer and the city itself is known as the Craft Beer Capital of Minnesota. Beer brewing started in Duluth during 1881 and consequently, you will be able to find new and old breweries in this city today. Examples of these breweries are the OMC Smokehouse, Brews, Love Creamery, and Corktown Deli.


If you and your family are art lovers, then Duluth, Minnesota is the place to be as this city has a vibrant art scene. Visitors and residents can enjoy a wide variety of music, visual arts, and theaters.

Rotating exhibits are usually popular at the Duluth Art Institute, while the Tweed Art Museum offers over 9,000 fascinating pieces from different cultures and art history periods.

The Zeitgeist Center features independent films at the Duluth Playhouse and one can always catch some entertaining music festivals in town throughout the year. The Bayfront Blues Festival and the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival are just some examples of festivals that are held annually.


With such a wonderful nature surrounding Duluth, Minnesota, as well as its exciting history, this city has something for everyone. It does not matter if you are traveling with your family or solo; the residents of Duluth will make you feel at home with their friendly nature and hospitality.