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7 Things To Ask Your Roofer

  Drip….drip…..drip….  The unmistakeable sound that causes any homeowner to shudder… regardless of where its coming from, it usually is never good! But this time its from the ceiling…the roof is finally leaking.  You have put off replacing your 25 year old roof for the last few years and it has finally caught up to you.  Now what?  What most people do is hop on google and find a couple roofing companies and ask them to come out and give them an estimate for a new roof.  Three different roofers come out and give you estimates to replace your roof and you get prices ranging from $5000 to $35,000!  But you know NOTHING about roofing and you have NO CLUE what to ask these roofers!  Here are 7 basic things to start with that will help you make a smart decision: 1. The basics: Insurances & Licensing  Ask the roofer to SEE a copy of his current MN or WI contractors license as well as active workers compensation and general liability policy. The insurance is especially important for you because if a roofer were to fall and become injured on your property and there isnt insurance coverage — you become …

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