Duluth, MN is the port city on Lake Superior in the U.S. state of Minnesota. It is also known as the crown jewel of Minnesota because it has excellent getaway spots where one can enjoy the outdoors, outstanding food, and luxury sleep.

When it comes to art and culture, the city of Duluth, MN has much to offer; from extraordinary museums to a premiere art center. Some of the many art galleries can be found in downtown Duluth and Canal Park.

One can also enjoy free concerts during the summer, which are often held in Chester Park, where crowds 0gather to hear local musicians play.

Furthermore, Duluth is home to one of the nation’s oldest community theaters, known as the Playhouse, which provides the city with musicals, dramas, and children’s productions all through the year.

The city of Duluth also hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, including Homegrown Music Festivals, Battle of the Bands, the Northeastern Minnesota Book Awards, and many more.

Here are some other examples of Duluth’s rich arts and culture scene that you wouldn’t want to miss, presented to you by Rhino Roofing, roofing company Duluth MN.


The Tweed Museum of Art is located at the University of Minnesota Duluth. It holds a collection of art that was started by George P. Tweed and his wife Alice in the 1920s and early 1930s.

The collection consists of 19 and 20th century European and American paintings and is used today as an educational resource for the community and the University.

Here, one will be able to see over 10,000 permanent art objects, which represent a range of cultures and periods of art history. Examples of the French Barbizon School and the Impressionist-influenced American Landscape painting can be found at the Tweed Museum of Art in Duluth, Minnesota.


Many restaurants in Duluth source their ingredients locally, which makes them very popular among the culinary community.

When in Duluth, the Wild Rice Burger is something one has to try as it is a local specialty. Many of the restaurants will have this burger on their menu, like the Brewhouse, Black Woods Bar and Grill, Fitgers, etc.

Since Duluth is situated right on the water, it would be a shame to visit and not try some dishes that will give you a taste of the big lake. Various fish dishes, including smoked fish spread and fish sandwiches, can be found in restaurants like the Northern Water Smokehouse.

Another thing Duluth is famous for is its craft beer and the city itself is known as the Craft Beer Capital of Minnesota. Beer brewing started in Duluth during 1881 and consequently, you will be able to find new and old breweries in this city today. Examples of these breweries are the OMC Smokehouse, Brews, Love Creamery, and Corktown Deli.


Another impressive museum situated in Duluth, MN is the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum. Here, one can view the world’s largest private holding of important original manuscript documents.

From literature, religion, and political history to science archives, all genres can be found in this museum. There are over one million archives to explore, including some exciting manuscripts like the sheet music for The Wedding March, Webster Dictionary, the original draft of the Bill of Rights, and many more.


The Minnesota Ballet is a professional ballet company in Duluth that holds ballet performances and provides education intending to inspire an appreciation for the art of dance.

This ballet company and dance education organization provide the community with high-quality performances, ballet training for pre-professionals, and outreach programs.

Audiences can expect a dynamic array of dance when attending a performance. Classic performances that have been reinterpreted are also held here, including Sleeping Beauty, A Midsummer Night’s Dreams, Swan Lake, and many more.

Besides classical ballet, one can enjoy watching a range of dance styles that are relevant in the 21st century.

The Minnesota Ballet also holds yearly tours and offers outreach programs to bring dance to the people.

For those dance enthusiasts who want to learn, the Minnesota Ballet also has a school that provides fine ballet training, taught by professional ballet dancers.


It is easy to see why the city of Duluth is an excellent attraction for art lovers. However, if you are done exploring the art and culture scene in Duluth MN, there is still a lot to discover – from trains, planes, and harbor cruises to the freshwater aquarium, and much more. The shopping and dining scene is always exciting, and the entertainment never ends.